Specialist Tax & Corporate Reorganisations

Understanding the tax planning opportunities and avoiding tax traps and pitfalls is at the core of all our planning and reconstruction work. We offer integrated tax advice in respect to the acquisition and disposal of businesses but in addition we offer a further range of specialist tax advice.

Tax Effective Capital Extraction

Wherever possible, shareholders will typically benefit from lower rates of tax on capital receipts as against tax rates for income receipts. Reflecting the more generous tax treatment, there is significant anti-avoidance legislation which needs to be considered whenever capital sums are paid to shareholders and we have significant experience in dealing with the relevant tax clearances.

Wherever possible we look to optimise structures to qualify for entrepreneurs’ relief to achieve the current optimum 10% tax rate. To achieve capital treatment, it is often necessary to undertake a prior corporate reconstruction, for example where a single subsidiary is to be sold.

Our experience enables us to achieve the best tax analysis and an awareness of the necessary steps and tax pitfalls to achieve a better tax outcome.