Specialist Tax & Corporate Reorganisations

Understanding the tax planning opportunities and avoiding tax traps and pitfalls is at the core of all our planning and reconstruction work. We offer integrated tax advice in respect to the acquisition and disposal of businesses but in addition we offer a further range of specialist tax advice.

Investment & Reinvestment Relief

There are generous tax reliefs available where the appropriate qualifying conditions are met in respect of the acquisition of newly issued shares in trading companies under the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) or the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS).

Reliefs are available to achieve an income tax deduction, capital gains tax exemption and a capital gains tax deferral such that a significant proportion of the investment can be effectively funded by the tax breaks. In addition to EIS and SEIS, where a company or business sells a qualifying asset it is often possible to claim rollover relief to effectively defer the tax charge by rolling the gain into the new acquisition of a qualifying asset.

These reliefs relate to trading businesses, they are fraught with difficulty in terms of the restrictive and complex legislation but with experience and care it is possible to significantly reduce the cost of investment or to defer tax otherwise payable.