Specialist Tax & Corporate Reorganisations

Understanding the tax planning opportunities and avoiding tax traps and pitfalls is at the core of all our planning and reconstruction work. We offer integrated tax advice in respect to the acquisition and disposal of businesses but in addition we offer a further range of specialist tax advice.

Tax Effective Income Extraction

Having successfully generated profits within a corporate structure there is a significant tax cost associated with extracting the profits for the benefit of shareholders or employees.

We routinely work with our clients to structure a tax effective income extraction policy identifying needs and working with available reliefs and exemptions to minimise the overall tax leakage.  Such strategies vary from a straightforward review to optimise dividend and salary payments, through to more complex planning utilising all available reliefs including pensions, tax exempt benefits, loans and more conventional salary and dividend.

HMRC and the Treasury are taking an aggressive line in pursuing abusive tax planning arrangements and our experience ensures that we can stay the right side of the line whilst achieving a sensible level of tax mitigation.