Specialist Tax & Corporate Reorganisations

Understanding the tax planning opportunities and avoiding tax traps and pitfalls is at the core of all our planning and reconstruction work. We offer integrated tax advice in respect to the acquisition and disposal of businesses but in addition we offer a further range of specialist tax advice.

Corporate Reconstruction

Businesses constantly evolve and in many cases this requires a change to an existing company or group structure. This might include mergers, demergers, intragroup transfers and creating new subsidiaries or holding companies. In all cases there are significant tax pitfalls to avoid and a range of potential tax liabilities for both the companies concerned and the shareholders.

We have a wealth of experience of dealing with such transactions to assist in identifying the appropriate steps to optimise the tax analysis avoiding unnecessary tax leakage. In many cases there are statutory reliefs which are subject to statutory or non-statutory tax clearances which have the potential to provide greater certainty as to the outcome.

In undertaking such planning, it is necessary to consider all taxes including but not exclusive to corporation tax, income tax, stamp duty, VAT and capital gains tax. Our experience enables us to dovetail the commercial objectives with the best tax analysis and an awareness of the consequent accounting implications.