We specialise in advising on full, partial or structured exits, retirement sales, divestments and equity release.

Negotiating & Structuring the Deal

Creating competitive tension between potential acquirers will deliver their best offers for your business and we will endeavour to bridge any gaps in requirements of the shareholders by negotiating any terms which are not entirely acceptable. Our role in negotiations does not just cover the financial terms relating to the deal, whether this be the total consideration payable or deferred / contingent elements, but also other important factors including terms of employment post sale and property leases.

We can ensure that the Heads of Agreement are drawn up and that all necessary commercial aspects are covered, before project managing all parties involved in the due diligence process, building on our experience of running transactions to help ensure it proceeds efficiently and effectively.

We will endeavour to keep deal issues commercial and ensure the timetable is adhered to, as well as providing commercial input into the legal documentation drawing on our extensive experience of previous transactions, driving the deal to completion with a successful outcome.