We specialise in advising on full, partial or structured exits, retirement sales, divestments and equity release.

Information Memorandums

The Information Memorandum (IM) is the document that is designed to not only get potential acquirers interested in your business, but also importantly ensures that every value driver and potential synergy has been fully explored in order to increase perception of value.

Understanding the information acquirers will require from the outset and accordingly co-ordinating this in a methodical fashion, will maintain momentum and remove some of the pressures of the deal process.

A good quality IM will take some time to prepare, incorporating narrative on the business’ history, revenue streams, management structure and operations along with a business plan incorporating financial forecasts and needs to be presented in a coherent and credible manner. Most owners will only look to sell their business once and as the IM will be the first time that an acquirer will see any detail on your business, it is vital that your business is presented in a professional manner.