Business Growth

Through our business growth services we provide external advice or hands-on interim management support to a wide range of clients.

Non-Exec Services

Sometimes our clients just want a sounding board, a trusted adviser, somebody to consult before making big decisions.

We develop relationships for the longer term and make it our business to know your business inside out. This means that when the big questions come along, we can provide the right advice and we can provide it quickly.

Our role is to challenge you. If we think something is a bad idea you will know about it. If we think something is a good idea we will support you. Our advice is always robust, to the point and supported by real analysis and experience.

Whatever stage of the lifecycle your business is at, we can provide support. Non-Exec services are, by necessity, provided by one of our directors, all of whom have a wealth of experience and business knowledge for you to tap into.