Business Growth

Through our business growth services we provide external advice or hands-on interim management support to a wide range of clients.

Cash Flow Management

Positive cash flow is one the most important components for a successful business, especially in small or medium-sized companies experiencing a rapid growth curve. We often see business owners focused on the vanity of top line turnover growth without truly having a handle on the impact of this on their cash flow requirements.

Firms that do not exercise good cash management may not be able to make the strategic investment decisions needed to invest in additional working capital or capex; they can become focused on day to day firefighting and ultimately they may have to raise additional expensive funds to cover any shortfall.

We are very experienced in helping businesses forecast and manage their cash flows in the short term (if things are tight) but also to put in place proper cash flow management procedures and forecasts to ensure all business decisions include the ultimate impact on cash flow.