Business Growth

Through our business growth services we provide external advice or hands-on interim management support to a wide range of clients.

Business Plans

Clients use our plans for all sorts of purposes from (externally) raising debt and seeking investment to (internally) running the business and holding management to account.

We do not use an off the shelf package. We develop plans that are bespoke to your business and fit your requirements.

The plan might be used to seek investment, increase borrowing or simply to help develop the business direction and strategy for the next few years.

Our style is to spend time with all of the senior management team and directors to gain a range of views and opinions on the right approach and then to agree with you the best way to present the business.

All of our plans are supported by stress-tested financial forecasts. We will not put our name to something we do not believe in, so this gives you the confidence it can be justified to anyone who looks at it.

In summary, we do the hard work for you.