Whether a first time purchaser or a serial acquirer, we have extensive knowledge and experience to assist in all aspects of the acquisition process.

Target Searches & Appraisal

Identifying the right target is critical. We will help you identify the ‘best fit’ target businesses, whether within your existing sector (a competitor or a similar business in a new geographical area) or an acquisition in a synergetic sector to yours which provides a natural overlap of client base, product lines or operational efficiencies.

We will research relevant acquisition targets from across the globe using our sector knowledge and extensive research databases and analyse each company in more detail to ensure that it is financially and commercially sound and that the company is a good match against the defined acquisition strategy.

We then present to the board our ‘long list’ of potential target companies and debate each potential target in detail with the aim of getting a refined ‘shortlist’ of 10 to 20 companies to contact.

We are then in a position to open dialogue with the target companies.