Whether a first time purchaser or a serial acquirer, we have extensive knowledge and experience to assist in all aspects of the acquisition process.

Target Contact

Opening discussions with business owners requires skill and experience.  Once we have identified suitable targets with you we will usually make the approaches on your behalf unless there is an existing relationship within the business.

JDC leading this process is beneficial for you in two key areas:

  • firstly, it can preserve your confidentiality, so word does not ‘get out’ amongst your competitors, customers or staff of your intentions; and,
  • secondly, due to the professionalism of our approach and our reputation as specialists, we can often ease the path to an initial discussion by marking out your approach as being serious and credible, which can open more doors.

Most business owners will naturally say their company is not for sale when approached.  Our goal is to talk to the owners of ideal strategic matches and establish a meaningful connection through sincere discussion, an understanding of the owner’s objectives, possible motivations and timeline to open them up to the possibility of a transaction if all these objectives are met.