Whether a first time purchaser or a serial acquirer, we have extensive knowledge and experience to assist in all aspects of the acquisition process.

Integration Strategy & 100-Day Plan

As experts in every area of the transaction process, post-acquisition we can offer an integrated range of services to our clients, adding value to their company and safeguarding their plans and existing business.

Too many acquisitions fail because they do not consider business integration early enough.

We will guide you through the post-acquisition 100-day plan phase, anticipating the usual opportunities and issues that arise when a business is acquired ensuring you are familiar with them and responsibility is assigned.  Typically such matters include:

  • Consolidated financial reporting and system integration;
  • Implementation of the business plan;
  • Inherited employee issues such as management gaps, salary and bonus structures and employee share option incentives (EMI); and,
  • Post-acquisition cash planning including the implementation of group procedures and practices, cash flow requirements post-acquisition, working capital/liquidity of a group and investment requirements.

This post-acquisition opportunity is usually significant, but so are the risks and our experience can help you deliver your objectives.