Whether a first time purchaser or a serial acquirer, we have extensive knowledge and experience to assist in all aspects of the acquisition process.

Deal Structuring & Valuations

Once discussions have been instigated, hitting the key points early can save time, effort and money later in the process.

We attend initial meetings with you, identify key acquisition issues at an early stage and discuss our findings and recommendations with you in a clear, concise and cost effective way. None of our clients like wasting time and money on non-starters and neither do we.

We will use our extensive experience to value the target and lead the structuring of the deal to put together a letter of intent (“LOI”) that is both attractive to the seller but also carefully balances the risk for you as an acquirer (for example structuring the deal so it incentivises any key management of the target post acquisition).

Our joined up approach means that any structure put forward in the LOI is also tax efficient for you, the target and the target shareholders.