Whether a first time purchaser or a serial acquirer, we have extensive knowledge and experience to assist in all aspects of the acquisition process.

Acquisition Strategy

Before moving ahead with any planned acquisition, we spend a significant amount of time upfront with the management team to independently and expertly review the existing business structure and its strengths and weaknesses.

This ensures the acquiring company is ‘transaction ready’, whilst also ensuring that any acquisition is not just a speculate process, but is well thought through with strategic priorities established (for example complementary product lines, new geographies or access to new customers) to ensure that resources are focused on potential targets that are going to add the greatest strategic shareholder value as part of a combined group.

We lead in the preparation of an acquisition strategy document that might form part of a wider business plan (including financial forecasts) covering both organic and inorganic growth. This not only defines strategy but also adds significant credibility if external funding is required from either debt or equity houses.