Get To Know The People Behind JDC – Janet Parker

Here at JDC we are known for being a leading UK independent corporate finance firm advising businesses and owners on buying and selling businesses, management buy outs, raising debt & equity finance and business growth and we thought it would be interesting to give you a little insight on the people behind the firm.

Today, we’re learning more about Janet:

Q:  What is your role at JDC?

A:  My role is as a senior manager primarily working alongside our retained client portfolio.  I also work in our sister company, Walton Dodge Forensic, on various assignments.

Q:  How long have you been with the firm?

A:  Since October 2006 – longer than most of the furniture!

Q:  On a normal day, what does your role involve?

A:  The wonderful thing is that there is no normal.  My role evolves on a daily basis to meet our clients’ needs.  As a firm we are flexible and fleet of foot and so my role is to support and work alongside our clients to assist in the smooth running and development of their businesses and to ensure that the aims of the owners are achieved.  As such, my day is often determined by the needs of our clients and covers a multitude of financial and managerial challenges.  In respect of forensic assignments, these are varied and include business valuations, fraud and consequential loss.

Q:  What is the best part of your job?

A:  Advising and collaborating with our retained clients and feeling as though my years of experience and knowledge are making a positive difference to the success of their business.

Q:  What are you most proud of from your time at JDC?

A:  Being part of and contributing to the growth and development of the business from an early stage yet never compromising on quality and delivery of service in the process. Also mentoring my younger colleagues and seeing them develop into rounded and respected professionals.

Q:  If you could snap your fingers and become an expert in something, what would it be?

A:  Garden design.  To have the vision and expertise of someone like Cleve West or Andy Sturgeon would be a joy.

Q:  Do you have a hidden talent? What is it?

A:  If I said, it would no longer be hidden – everyone needs a little mystique!

Q:  What is the best concert you’ve ever attended?

A:  Eric Clapton at the Royal Albert Hall – on many occasions but for me the 1990 tour will always be the best.

Q:  What is the last book you read?

A:  Ben Stokes – On Fire: My story of England’s summer to remember.

Q:  If you could visit anywhere in the world you’ve never been, where would you go?

A:  South Africa – I believe there are a few vineyards that need my attention!