Get To Know The People Behind JDC – Adam Croft

Here at JDC we are known for being a leading UK independent corporate finance firm advising businesses and owners on buying and selling businesses, management buy outs, raising debt & equity finance and business growth and we thought it would be interesting to give you a little insight on the people behind the firm.

Today, we’re learning more about Adam Croft, Corporate Finance Senior Manager.

Q:  What is your role at JDC?

A:  I work with SME owners and management teams advising, planning and executing strategic decisions in the lifecycle of a company – this can include acquisitions and fundraising to accelerate growth, or MBOs and disposals if shareholders are looking to crystallise the value they have built within their business.

Q:  How long have you been with the firm?

A:  I joined in November 2013.

Q:  On a normal day, what does your role involve?

A:  My focus within the JDC team is on transactions, so this is usually split between the preparation aspects and then acting as lead adviser on active deals.  Preparation is critical to ensuring that any deal has the best chance of success, so this stage can take several years and involves understanding the aspects of the company and shareholders personally, creating business plans and strategic reviews and then challenging them to ensure that the realistic timeframes meet all parties’ objectives and are deliverable.  Once the timing is right, my role is then unlocking either acquisition targets or finding potential investors / acquirers in a highly confidential manner, negotiating the best possible value and structure and then project managing the transaction through every stage, including due diligence, data rooms and the various legal streams through to a successful (and slightly less stressful) conclusion.

Q:  What is the best part of your job?

A:  Helping business owners crystallise the full value of a lifetime’s work and watching companies I have worked with push on to become global brands.

Q:  What are you most proud of from your time at JDC?

A:  I have negotiated deals which have ended up in double digit multiples for my clients and completed deals with multi-billion turnover PLCs, but I’m most proud of the work I do with early start-up businesses as this gives the most satisfaction.

Q:  If you could snap your fingers and become an expert in something, what would it be?

A:  I like to think of myself as more of a ‘Jack of all trades’!

Q:  Do you have a hidden talent? What is it?

A:  I can complete a Rubik’s cube – I am also a mean shot with an SA80!

Q:  What is the best sporting event you’ve ever attended?

A:  Can’t beat a home Everton game at Goodison Park!

Q:  What is the last book you read?

A:  The Fear Bubble by Ant Middleton.

Q:  If you could visit anywhere in the world you’ve never been, where would you go?

A:  Dubai remains top of my wish list as it is with several other members of the JDC team, but after watching the recent series of ‘Race Across The World’ most of South America is now very appealing!