Rysa Lodge

The Business

A substantial Norfolk based residential property holding group.

Originally established in the 1990s under the now defunct Business Expansion Scheme tax break.

The group has achieved significant growth and profitability acquiring various substantial property interests.

The Deal

The acquisition of the group by one of the founder shareholders.

Facilitating a tax efficient exit for a substantial number of vendor shareholders.

Structuring the group’s future operating platform to ensure commercial and succession planning objectives were satisfied.

Value Add

The provision of tax advice to facilitate a tax efficient share sale for the vendor shareholders.

Advising on the purchasing structure to maximise the tax efficiency of the new group, achieving tax deferral for the continuing shareholders whilst ensuring the new group is structured to meet future inheritance tax objectives.

Dealing with HMRC in obtaining all necessary tax clearances and reviewing all legal documentation to ensure the tax objectives were fully met.


Norfolk, UK




Capital Restructuring

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We have worked with Tony for over 20 years and our confidence was well placed.  The tax analysis dictated the deal structure and Tony provided clear pro-active advice at all stages.  His advice has greatly helped all the shareholders achieve the best outcome in maximising the net of tax rewards for all.

Robin Key Rysa Lodge